Arijit Singh has kept us hooked to him ever since we witnessed soulful magic of his voice with ‘Tum Hi Ho’. He had crooned moving melodies like Phir Mohabbat (Murder 2) and Dua (Shanghai) before but the fame and love he achieved with Aashiqui 2’s Tum Hi Ho was so massive that it is his 4th year in the industry, which he has ruled all through.

There is no time when we don’t want to listen to his deep voice which never fails to transcend us to a beautiful magical world. Almost every movie released in last 2 years has had at least one Arijit Singh song in its music album; and his craze is still as afresh among audiences as of the times when Tum Hi Ho released. His every live concert spectates his fans in full attendance, which is left spell-bounded with his charismatic persona and of course, gorgeous vocals. Well, he undeniably and absolutely deserves that!

Here we bring to you 4 of his most gripping and beautiful live performances! They are definitely going to make it to your ‘on-repeat playlist’.

  1. The Playful-Romantic Bollywood Mashup: This one is like a roller-coaster ride! One moment you are lost in a low pitched song and suddenly he shifts to a high-on energy song, leaving a lasting smile on your face.


  1. The Contemporary Mashup: A light and trendy mashup of best of his best ever songs at GiMA 2016.


  1. The Best One: He begins with some Hindi millennial songs but moves to soft old melodies and finally grooves us with rocking Hindi and Bengali tunes! This one is a must listen!

  1. Pritam – Arijit On Stage: Watch eminent personalities like Sonu Nigam, SRK, Deepika Padukone get wooed with this musically high ride.


He is one true charmer! <3

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