From giving Bollywood hit songs like “Lift Kara De” which make us groove till date to dealing with troubled married life to getting in shape Adnan’s journey has been truly an inspiring one. However, he is not just a good singer but a doting father to his little angel Medina and a perfect husband to his wife Roya Faryabi. Adnan recently shared a video with his daughter Medina and the father-daughter duo can be seen enjoying a garden party and Medina couldn’t stop laughing. Sharing the video Adnan captioned it as, “Medina Jaan & I having our own little ‘Garden Party’.”Take a look:

After Adnan’s little angel Medina was born he had shared how blessed he is to have Medina in his life. He was quoted as saying, “Medina is the most incredible thing that has happened to us. Both, Roya and I always wanted a daughter and she is already my lucky charm. I have found a new inspiration for my music through her and she is going to be the centre of my world.”

In an interview with IANS Adnan had once shared how he is a hands-on dad and he loves to shop endlessly for his little angel Medina. He had stated, “Somewhere, the birth of Medina changed the human being in me, not only the singer. I have changed. I love to shop for her endlessly. I took note on baby girls’ latest fashion and buy dresses accordingly.”

On his daughter, Medina’s birthday the doting dad’s happiness knew no bounds and he had thrown a grand birthday bash for his daughter on her first birthday. Sharing pictures of the same he had written, “I know that God truly loves me. By blessing me with an angelic daughter, He has given me the greatest reason to rejoice and find new meaning to life and the magnificence of His generosity and creation. My Medina jaan is too little to read this but one day when she can InshAllah, she will know that today I was reliving every moment by the clock as to what we were doing at every minute till she entered this world one-year ago. She will also realise that a smile on her face means the universe to me. I belong to the world but she is my world!”

On his daughter’s second birthday the famous singer took to his Instagram and shared a heartfelt wish for his daughter expressing his love for Medina he had written, “Today is the most special day in my life. It’s my angelic darling Medina Jaan’s 2nd Birthday!! 2 years ago when Allah SWT blessed us with her arrival on this earth, I was overwhelmed with infinite joy and gratitude.”

Also, Adnan had revealed in an interview that quitting smoking is not an easy job but he gave up his 20-year-old habit of smoking for his daughter Medina. He had shared, “My love for my daughter Medina is so tremendous that even before she was born, in January this year, in anticipation of her arrival, I gave up smoking! I kicked the 20-year-old filthy habit for her. I used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day. But one fine day in January, I kicked the habit for her.”

After three failed marriages out of which two were with the same women, he finally tied the knot with Roya Faryabi when he was in the lowest phase of his life. He had shared in an interview, “I was going through the worst phase of my life when I met Roya. I lost my grandfather, then my father. She held my hand during my darkest hours while I was fighting the ugliest court battle with my former wife.”

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