Ae dil hai mushkil in another controversy?

Ae dil hai Mushkil is back in news again. This time, Bappi Lahri’s son is upset with the makers of ADHM for making fun of one of his father’s hit songs. There is a scene in Ae dil hai mushkil where Ranbir and Anushka play a guessing game and one of the songs is a Bappi Lahiri composition, Taki O Taki from Himmatwala. Ranbir sings it saying ‘Tacky o Tacky’ in the movie.

Bappa shared how he is hurt for such reference of his father’s song. He said, “I have seen ADHM and was pretty upset when I saw how dad’s song was parodied. I don’t know why Karan’s trying to make fun of such golden melodies. When I told my father about it, he was very upset, too. Karan has made fun of films like Maqsad, too which also had good songs. We all have grown up on the songs of the ’80s. In fact, today’s generation gets their references from the music of those times and we are making fun of those songs now?” “Ooh La La was a super hit and a remix of an 80s hit. Dad’s I Am A Disco Dancer is popular even now. Taki O Taki was a superhit song and was remixed and used in the Himmatwala (2013) remake,” he added.

Bappa also said, “Anyway, I have to admit that dad doesn’t care about it so much. ADHM was so bad that it hardly matters now. The only saving grace was that it showed more than 20 old songs on the iPod and then, they made fun of some. It was so confusing. Karan’s father Yashji and my dad have worked together in Muqaddar Ka Faisla, so why is Karan making fun of my dad’s music? Instead of ridiculing the 80s music as kids, we should be proud of what our fathers have done. It’s terrible when kids make fun of their father’s generation. Maybe a few dance steps were funny, but you can’t rip apart the music. I was born when Mawwali released and became a big hit. The director Bappaiah used to call me Mawwali affectionately from then. I have grown up on that. These are hit films made by huge directors and I find it very upsetting when people make fun of them…”

Jeetendra also spoke up on the matter. He said, “I have seen the film and I don’t find anything wrong in it. Let’s all develop a sense of humour, please. It was meant in good fun and we should take it like that. Both Karan and Ranbir are children of dear friends of mine and they are both like my bachchas, too. I can never be upset with them. If I think it’s objectionable, humko sada hua bolenge and I don’t like to be called that (laughs). Can somebody please tell me the meaning of Taaki? I myself don’t know still… I was so busy shooting the song that I had no time to find out the meaning of the word. We used to shoot lengthy songs in two days in Chennai those days and life was very hectic back then.”