Afghanistan’s Independence Day Ends With Guns And Death!

On 19th August 1919,  Afghanistan was free from British rule. It was on this day that Amanullah Khan and a few men rose against the British’s army and won. Amanullah Khan became the crowned king of Kabul. Afghanistan’s day of Independence led to the newly crowned king creating a set of laws. Laws that were following Sharia Law. The laws were meant to govern the lawless country and reforms were put in place to open schools for girls and ban slavery.

Ever since then every 19th August is celebrated with great pride as Independence day in Afghanistan. However, much has changed since then. Moving forward almost 100 plus years later, the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan days before independence day. In India, many men, women, and children gathered to commemorate this special day. Videos have surfaced showing groups of people waving the Afghan flag proudly and happily.

Credit: The Guardian

However, in Afghanistan people were not allowed to celebrate this special day. The Taliban who has taken control over the country did not appreciate the Afghanistan flag raised. As people walked out into the streets to celebrate this special day, they were met with bullets being fired at them.

As the people marched in the streets of cities like Asadabad, the Taliban rounded them up and starting shooting into the air. Fearing for their lives, people began running. The stampede leading to civilians being injured.

Credit: NYPost

An international news outlet, The Guardian reports that in Jalalabad, at least three people have been killed at the hands of the Taliban for waving the red and green Afghanistan flag. News continues to pour in, but it comes as shock to many to see the violence in the country increase. We just hope that people remain safe at this time!

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