After Anushka, Now Ranveer Singh Schools A Man On Road: Thrashed By The Guy

A few months back, Anushka Sharma’s video of schooling a man on the road went viral. In the video, Anushka was seen scolding a man in a plush car for throwing out garbage from his car’s window. After the video went viral, the family of the guy in the video also shared long Posts to thrash the actress for defaming the guy and posting his video without his consent. Now, it seems that Anushka Sharma’s ex-boyfriend, Ranveer Singh has also followed his Ex-Girlfriend’s footsteps.

In a video going viral on Twitter, Ranveer Singh is seen schooling a guy for rash driving on road. However, the man in question made his video and decided to post it on social media telling that he should not use such abusive language.

The man posted the video with a caption, “Badtameez insaaan

Baat karne ki tameez nahi tum jaise insaan ko ye bhi nahi pata ki kisi ki maa bahan ke saamne itni gaali kon deta hai pagal insaan agar yahi attitude raha to jaldi hi sadak par aa jayega pahle loge se baat karne ki tameez seekh phir hero bannaa flop actor-😡”


(“You mannerless man, you don’t don’t know that one should not use so many abuses in front of someone’s family. If you continue with this attitude then you will surely come on road one day. Learn to behave yourself first and then try to be a hero. Flop actor.”)


Apparently, the man who posted the video was rash driving and tried to cut Ranveer’s car so badly that both the cars could have collided. When Ranveer tried to talk some sense into the man, he saw him talking on the phone and driving rashly.


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