After Her Split From Her Husband, Emily Ratajkowski Looks Hot In A Bikini

The likes of crying over your ex don’t seem too high for Emily Ratajkowski as she looks hot and heavy following her split from her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear McClard.

Following her ugly split from her ex-husband a week ago, Emily filed for a divorce. After being married for four years the starlet decided to call it quits when the rumours of McCland’s cheating came out. A close source told Page Six that McClard cheated on Victoria’s Secret supermodel one too many times, Source went on to say that McClard was a serial cheater and slept around quite a lot, the source went on to call Sebastian “Gross” and a “Dog”. The rumours of the split also sparked back in July, when Emily was seen out with her son alone without her wedding ring, later on, it was confirmed that things weren’t going well between her and her husband and they might be broken.

A week after filing the divorce, yesterday Emily took it to her Instagram, posing in a sexy little leopard print bikini, leaving little to the imagination. In the picture, her hair was styled in bangs, hanging behind her with a tight bikini top with both the straps hanging loosely off her shoulders. The bikini that Emily is sporting, is one of her designs, from her bikini line Marata, the past might even be a promo for her next collection. We even got a look at Emily’s new place in the picture, it seemed cosy with a statement lamp, some house plants, a lot of sunshine, and an enormous beige couch. She seems to be doing quite well for herself after the split. She is also spending a lot of time with her son, as she keeps on sharing cute pics of them hanging out all the time, them at the beach, them with the dogs, Emily might still not be at a good place but it’s clear that she is healing.

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