Aishwarya Rai Slammed For Bad Parenting & Taking Daughter Aaradhya To Cannes

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most beautiful women out there. She adds glamor to every event she attends and hosts make sure to get her name on the guest list. And recently, this gorgeous diva was invited to attend the Cannes event and she reached with her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. While she has been slammed for bringing daughter everywhere and holding her hand, once again, she has been slammed for bringing her daughter Aaradhya to Cannes and that too dressed for the event.

It was on May 20, 2019, when the first picture of Maa-Beti Jodi from Cannes surfaced on the internet. The two were looking absolutely gorgeous in their gold and yellow outfits. The duo can be seen holding each other’s hand and posing for the camera. Aishwarya took to Instagram and shared this beautiful picture with a caption, “My Sunshine Forever LOVE YOU.” Abhishek had commented, “The gold standard!” on the image.

A day or two ago Aishwarya gets trolled for putting makeup on Aradhya. Earlier this Maa-Beti Jodi gets trolled for walking hand in hand and the trolls always try to give some parenting lessons to Aishwarya. Yesterday (May 21, 2019) Ash and Aradhya spotted at the Mumbai airport as they returned from the Cannes. Trolls didn’t spare the celeb maa-beti Jodi even then and thus, they once again, became a victim of trolls. People started posting comments such as, “I may get hate for this comment but this is another level of nepotism..Taking your daughter to Cannes is fine..But even she dresses up and appears for the events..Why?” and “Overprotective mother. Let Aradhya have some freedom. Only then she will be independent”, which makes us wonder the need of these nasty comments. Take a look at some of the snapshots:

This is enough now, these trolls should be stopped!


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