Akansha Ranjan Kapoor Claims She Is Not Afraid Of People- Exclusive

We learn new things every year. For actress Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, this year she took a step towards her “loud” self and finally got rid of the fear of judgment, which she said taught her the true meaning of life. The actress turned 28 on September 18 and is happy that she gets wiser every year.

“Over these years, I’ve learned to embrace my true self, including the insecurities, 100 percent. I have a very loud personality, in general. I was someone who used to get cautious if anyone said anything about me, I used to be, ‘Oh my God’. I’m someone who talks or laughs loudly,” says Kapoor, adding, “I’ve realized that it’s important for you to be you, and just get over the fear of people.”

Kapoor made her debut in the web movie Guilty last year, and she claims that there is no other way of life. “People who don’t like you, will not like you even when you do something which is the best. So, you should do what pleases you,” she adds.

This is her second birthday during the pandemic, and she celebrated it with friends in London. “It was my best friend’s birthday last week, so I decided to come here. London is my favorite city. After wrapping up my work, I just took a flight to the city. And I plan to do nothing here. I’m not doing anything here, not even shopping. I’m just chilling, walking in a park and picking up coffee. Earlier, I was doing nothing in Mumbai and now I’m doing nothing in London,” said the actress.

However, she admitted that in the ongoing pandemic, traveling is not easy for her, requiring extensive testing and wearing a mask throughout the flight.

“I was telling my friends that even though we’re here, the looming fear of the virus is there, and so is quarantine. So, things aren’t at all okay and normal,” The actor said and hoped that she could finally get her first big screen next year.

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