Akshita Mudgal Is Glad That She Was Able To Start Her Career Much Earlier

Young actress, Akshita Mudgal, who started her career on a reality show, feels that there isn’t much to plan in her life.

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“I love dancing and was training for it but destiny had better plans. I auditioned for Dance India Dance and got selected but couldn’t go further in the show. I went back to Agra, thinking it was over and I would resume my training and studies. But soon I started getting calls and messages for more auditions and decided to retry my luck. Later, I shifted my base to Mumbai and that change-over worked perfectly for me,” says Mudgal.

Starting as a 9-year-old Bhakharwadi actress is pleased that she was able to start her career much earlier.

“I seriously have no complaints to have started young, as it was all destined and I was just going with the flow. Also, I was doing what I loved the most even as a kid— dancing and performing. I consider myself really blessed to have got right opportunities to start early in life.”

The last time she seen when she played the protagonist in shows like Ishk Par Zor Nahi and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage is that Mudgal has a series of shows, sharing little time. “Lockdowns gave me enough time to pamper myself, practice dance and be with my family. But as the lockdowns were lifted and we were allowed to shoot, I was back on the sets. Doing television hardly leaves one with much time but no complaints as we have got work in this tough phase.”

Ishk Par Zor Nahi: Akshita Mudgal: Always had this 'keeda' of dancing in me - Times of IndiaAgraite shared some fun facts about herself. Although she is from the city of Taj, the girl did not have the opportunity to visit the monument of love. “At times it does get embarrassing when people ask me about Taj Mahal and I say Gaye hi nai aaj tak. Trust me no one believes it but sadly it’s true. But ab bahut ho gaya. This time whenever I am going back, I’ll make it a point to visit the Taj, come what may (laughs).”

Talking about whats’ keeping her busy these days, she adds, “My new show Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain where I am playing the lead role of strong headed, witty girl Paragi. I am also in the process of taking more work on other mediums as well, so let’s see.”

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