When one talks about the eminent personalities of 19th and 20th century who influenced the world with their thoughts, actions and literature, Albert Schweitzer’s name is a must to remember. A Nobel Prize winner for his immense contribution in Physics, an organist, philosopher and a theologian, Albert Schweitzer’s story is a sheer example of true inspiration and dedication.


His biography, translated to Hindi by Sarojini Sinha is a perfect piece describing his inspiring life from childhood, work, education, work, thoughts and life after winning Nobel Prize. The book is divided into 7 sub-parts, which talk about his particular slices of life:

  1. Introduction
  2. Life and Work
  3. Selected Aspects
  4. 2 speeches of Albert Schweitzer
  5. Albert Schweitzer’s Memories
  6. Information about his Academics

The book is even more interesting as it contains several real pictures of real life moments of Sir Albert’s life. It tries to uncover each sheltered aspect of his life with minute delicacy and detailing. Only this book can answer the much debated question whether Albert Schweitzer was a German or French! However, only an ardent Hindi reader can understand the true sense of this book because of the choice of words.

Sarojini Sinha ji has done justice with the Hindi literature for she didn’t compromise to woo pseudo-Hindi readers. The book is a must read for the people who find non-fiction as their cup of tea. Science enthusiasts and Philosophy pursuing students will also get to learn a lot from this one!

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