Alia Bhatt Looks Stunning In Her New Hairstyles: Check Out!

We’ve recently become huge fans of Alia Bhatt, a multi-talented actress known for both her acting and her hairstyles. She has experimented with a variety of hairstyles, ranging from simple buns to messy buns, ponytails, braided to heavy looks.


You can wear this hairstyle to cocktail parties, dances, sangeets, or just a casual dinner with your best friends without it looking out of place. It will not only give you a polished appearance, but it will also go with anything you choose to wear. To achieve this hairstyle, simply gel your hair and use a tooth comb to comb it towards the back.    Alia Bhatt



This is one of the most simple and practical hairstyles you can try. The half updo is ideal for young women in their twenties and thirties, as well as college students. This hairstyle goes well with any boho outfit and is easily accessorized with earrings. It will be both stunning and graceful. You can make it more personal by adding clutches of your choice and braiding from the sides rather than the center.      Alia Bhatt



Are you running late for work or a lunch date with friends? The best recommendation is to wear your hair in a half-bun. It’s simple and takes less than a minute. Use a scrunchie or whatever you like to tie it up in the middle of your head. Take a small section of your hair and tie it into a bun, leaving the rest loose. This hairstyle is recommended because it is simple to style for women of all ages.



Messy hair usually looks amazing, especially when you have stepped out of your shower. If you like the way you look after stepping out of your shower then this hairstyle is for you. You can easily use gel to give your hair that messy after-shower look. Women of all age groups can try this hairstyle and it will suit anyone and everyone as well as all give it a more subtle look you can pine one side of it with metallic or golden hair clips.    Alia Bhatt



Loose waves are one of the most famous and loved looks of Alia Bhatt. You can never go wrong with this look. It is suitable for women of all age groups and looks classy as well graceful. You can carry this look with Kurtis as well as maxi dresses, and go with almost anything. You can add a bit of glam by applying eyeliner with this look.



  • Make sure that while styling your hair, you are not damaging and breaking your hair.
  • Do not use hot curling irons and styling tools on your hair regularly, as it can damage your hair to a very vast extent.
  • If styling them is unavoidable regularly, make sure to give your hair, hair spa, and other hair treatments to keep them healthy and hygienic.
  • Make sure to choose any outfit first and then your hairstyle, it will be much easier then.
  • Always keep a balance between your hairstyles and your makeup, as you don’t want to overdo anything. On the days you have heavy hairstyles, keep your makeup minimal and vice versa.

In the end, hairstyles can suit anyone and everyone if you are confident about the look you’re carrying. It does not matter the age group you belong to, you can easily try these looks. I hope this was helpful.

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