All you need to know about Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, who brought india first 2021 Olympics medal.

Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu has given India its first medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Chanu is the first Indian athlete to win a silver medal in weightlifting at the Olympics.

He has won this medal in the weight of 49 kg. In this category, China’s Hou Zhui won the gold and Indonesia’s Windy Asah won the bronze medal.
Chanu won the silver medal for India by lifting a total of 202 kg.

Born on 8 August 1994 and raised in a small village in Manipur, Mirabai was very talented since childhood. His village without special facilities was some 200 km away from Imphal.

In those days, Kunjurani Devi, a female weightlifter from Manipur, was the star and went to play in the Athens Olympics. After watching her play the same scene settled in the mind of little Meera and Mirabai, the youngest of six siblings, decided to become a waitlifter.

In front of Meera’s insistence, the parents also had to give up. When she started practicing in 2007, at first she did not have an iron bar, so she used to practice with bamboo.

If there was no training center in the village, she used to go 50-60 km away for training. Milk and chicken were needed daily in the diet, but that was not possible for Meera of a common family. He didn’t let that come in the way.
Well, it did not even happen. Apart from the World Championship, Mirabai has also won a silver medal in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

By the way, apart from weightlifting, Meera is also fond of dancing. In an interview given to the BBC, she had told, “Sometimes after training I close the room and dance and I like Salman Khan.”

From a poor performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics to a medal in the Tokyo Olympics, Chanu’s journey has been a stellar one.

When she went to the Rio Olympics last time, the story was different. But she proved that she was worth it.

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