While permanent tattoos are possibly at the height of their popularity and are more widely accepted than ever before, temporary tattoos aren’t going away. If anything they’re growing in their popularity. These days temporary tattoos aren’t made to convince anyone or to look badass, they’re more of a fun accessory for an event, a way to try out a design before committing to a real tattoo, or just something fun to do for a photoshoot.

Many companies make temporary tattoos and many designs are available online. There are even different varieties of temporary tattoos. There are the classic transferable ones, there are temporary henna tattoos and you can always just make your own with household items like eyeliner, some glitter or sharpies.

Some websites provide custom temporary tattoo design, but also you can do it on your own. All you really need is an idea and the ability to draw and design. From that point on you have two options: you can either print it onto water slide paper – therefore creating your own transfer tattoo or you can use henna, markers or eyeliner to draw on yourself.

DIY temporary tattoos are the ones you can make at home. Usually, they involve just drawing the design on your skin with a sharpie or eyeliner and using hairspray as a protective layer that will stop the tattoo from smudging. These generally last a day or two and don’t look extremely realistic.

If realistic temporary tattoos are what you’re after it’s best to find a tattoo artist that also does temporary tattoos with temporary ink or uses henna do draw beautiful and realistic tattoos that will last you at least a couple of weeks. Body painting artist is an option too, but that’s an only viable option for a festival or a photoshoot as it will smudge easily.

There is such a thing as temporary sleeve tattoos. You can get sleeve sized transfer tattoos, but you have to be really careful with applying them since the area is much bigger and therefore it’s much easier to miss a spot when transferring. It’s also important to remember that since the transfer tattoo is essentially a thin film on top of your skin it will damage and wrinkle faster in the areas that move a lot like elbows and wrists, where the skin stretches and moves a lot.

Transfer tattoos last up to 3 days, but they tend to disintegrate when they come in contact with water, soap or oil. So if you shower or sweat or swim they will rub off sooner. Temporary henna tattoos tend to last up to a month depending on how often you wash the area.

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