Bad habits die hard. And nail biting is one bad habit that unconsciously develops in the initial years of our life and stealthily becomes a fixed habit. But just like me, I am sure you will also be convinced to quit this threatening habit of nail biting after reading the following points.

– Imagine, what all things you touch with your hands! Toilet seat, flush, garbage, bus and metro handles, dirty coins and notes and all other filthy stuff. All that dirt, bacteria and parasites accumulate under your nails which will go inside your mouth while you bite the nails.

– You develop hangnails. The torn skin surrounding the nail roots popping out makes your hand look so ugly! To vanish them, you might bite them too but it doesn’t help any way. It rather develops further more hangnails. So why not just stop biting nails?

– Constant nail biting habit affects the shape of visible front teeth and ultimately ruin your smile forever.

– While biting nails, you also consume the harmful chemicals present in your nail paint as well. And then be ready for all the chemical locha that might occur within your body.

– Moreover, nail biting suggest you are confused, ambiguous and uncertain all the time. It further looks very unattractive.

Head shot of worried woman

I know the kind of de-stress nail biting works as. But at the cost of all the above mentioned points, I am gonna try my best to bid farewell to this stupid and damaging habit. Expect the same from you! 🙂

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