Are you the sort who always end up tripping upon a wrong relationship? Read on.

Have you ever thought why you always attract a wrong guy and regret later of wasting your precious time on a wrong person. Let us find the reasons that stops you from finding Mr Right.


1- Lack of clarity about relationship goals is the major cause of indulging in a wrong relationship. You should have a clear idea about what exactly you are looking for in a relationship. What are the qualities you are looking for in a partner? More importantly, what kind of relationship are you looking for.

2- It also very important to know yourself. A little bit of self-assessment before getting involved with someone can help. It’s fine if you wish for an open relationship, but can you handle the complications that come with it? Or you have a commitment phobia, yet you fall for guys who want long term relationships.

3- If you always end up falling for similar qualities in a man, then you’d be repeating your relationship mistakes again and again.  Break the pattern and embrace change.

4- Do you always find yourself in a relationship where your boyfriend disrespects you? If you always allow yourself to be disrespected in a relationship, then you might be suffering from a sense of low self-worth. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve better.

5- Is ‘single’ is still a scary word for you? Don’t fall to peer pressure. If you are too scared of loneliness, you can take rash decisions and allow a wrong set of people to enter your life. Try enjoying your own company, it is not that bad!

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