Eye makeup is a big challenge for every girl. After all, the eyes are the first thing that people notice about us. When it comes to makeup, all our focus goes right on the eyes, for they are the best feature to highlight.
Right below are some eye makeup tricks that will help you get the best eye makeup look:
Deep set eyes 
Eyes that are set deeper in the skull look best with light shade eye shadows. This light tone makes them look less deep and enhances it further.
Start applying the eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye. The lighter shade should be in the middle of the eye. The darker shade should be applied on the eyebrow line.
Almond eyes 
Almond eyes look best with a smokey effect. Darker shades make almond eyes look more beautiful. Use darker shades on the outer corner of the eyes for a dramatic look. Blend the lighter shade right under the brows/
Small eyes 
To make your look bigger, use a medium toned eye shadow. Use a highlighter right below the brows. Eyes look bigger when you apply a liner on your lower and upper lids. Apply lots of mascara to open up your eyes.
Close set eyes 
If you have close set eyes then you need to use both light and dark eye shadows. Light one for the inner corner of the eye and dark one on the outer corner of the eye. Use mascara on the outer corners of the eye and line the upper lid with a liner.
Bulging eyes 
Heavy makeup is a strict no-no. A medium or dark eye shadow gives depth to the eyes.Use the eye shadow on the lower lid of your eyes.Blend the eye shadow well to create a smudged look.
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