Ever since its inceptions, Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has successfully gripped its viewers with the amazing blend of intense, dramatic, humourous and romantic storyline. As per the ongoing track, Tej and Janvi have joined hands to teach a befitting lesson to Svetlana, and Omkara and Rudra are extremely puzzled with their respective love lives.
On the other hand, Shivaay is playing a major master card to get everything sorted between him and Anika. If you follow the show, you must be aware that Anika had left Shivaay’s life after Pinky threatened to tell the truth to Shivaay. And the truth is that Shivaay is not the son of Pinky and Shakti but the unlawful product of Shakti’s extra-marital affair with Kamini. Mahi is Shivaay’s twin brother. Knowing the Shivaay’s extreme pride of ‘Oberoi’ surname and his identity, Anika feared that the truth will break Shivaay from the core and thus, as per Pinky’s threat, she decided to get away from his life.

But now that Anika is back in Oberoi mansion, she is still restricted to not re-form the love bond with Shivaay. To develop hatred in Shivaay’s heart for her, she made a false claim that she is now over him and is now engaged to some business tycoon. But Shivaay somewhere down the line has a major gut feeling that Anika is lying and is now also aware of the fact that Anika had a major reason that she sacrificed their love relation.
So Shivaay has now joined hands with Vikram Thapar, Anika’s self-claimed fiancé, so that she reveals the real reason of betrayal and bring out her love for Shivaay.
It’s gonna be super fun! Isn’t it?

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