Ameesha Patel Posts A Picture, Bombarded With Questions About Her Breast

We might not be seeing Ameesha Patel in movies anymore but the actress has managed to stay in the news and controversies. The Kaho Na  Pyar Hai actress keeps her fans entertained by posting pictures of herself on her social media profile. Recently, she has been sharing her fitness regime and shares pictures of her fit self.

Recently, Ameesha posted a picture on her Instagram where she was wearing a sports bra and asked her followers a question in the comment section. She wrote, “Left or Rights? Which do u prefer ?? I’m confused”

Right after the actress posted this picture, internet trolls made it their life’s mission to make the actress regret her decision of posting this picture. They kept trolling her and commenting on her breasts.

People need to understand the respect with which they should treat women. Moreover, one does not become famous or great just by commenting such filthy and vulgar things about women. It’s time this nonsense stopped and these trolls be taught a lesson.

Commenting lewd things on actresses doesn’t make them any bigger, it just shows their cheap mindset and lowly upbringing.


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