The countdown to the first edition of India Intimate Fashion Wear ( IIFW ) has begun. Bringing together leading Indian and international lingerie brands and designers and offering a platform to brands, customers and designers, the show will capture all the elements of the lingerie sector.

Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey, Media Head and Associate Partner, IIFW, says,”Fashion and glamour is a much coveted and sought after industry in India and world over . In India though it is still  in its nascent stage with communication being limited and constrained. With IIFW, we intend to plug this need gap and drive engagement, high decibel idea exchange and conversation amongst all potential stakeholders – Brands, customers, designers etc.”

Amit Pandey holding an MBA degree in marketing has been covering fashion and lifestyle for over 5 years now.  “With India Intimate fashion Week, Mr. Amit we intend bring alive the most elegant yet unexplored segment of fashion in India. IIFW has already gathered much appreciation from Industry stalwarts’ since it was announced and is looking forward for delivering the superior expectations through a high impact awareness campaign and stunning event.”

Speaking about the thought behind the social media campaign, he added,” Intimate wear and Lingerie fashion is still in its nascent stage in India with communication being limited and constrained. Our social media campaigns #BooTheTaboo and #TheRightCup will be focused on breaking the mindset barrier and facilitating open conversations around the category. This is a category that is poised for significant growth and we are hopeful to take this Fashion Week to international standards over the next three years.”



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