An Inside Look at Why So Many Relationships Fail

The sad reality is, unless you’re very cautious about who you choose to date and make a very big point of dedicating all of your time to your relationships, they may not work out. In fact, the evidence shows that more than half of all marriages in the states fail, and the rate of failed marriages after the first one is even higher!

Anyone who has been in a failed relationship, or who just wants theirs to last, would take this to mean that you should avoid having your relationship fail. This makes things a lot easier for both parties down the road, and can save a lot of heartbreak.

But to prevent your relationship from failing, you should probably learn about how relationships fail in the first place. In this article we’re going to discuss some of the top reasons (and I’ve lived through many of these myself) that relationships fail.


A relationship is, in essence, a series of communications. Sure, some people find the best parts of a relationship to be physical and/or sexual – but let’s be honest, those relationships are generally not going to last more than a few years.

With that said, it becomes that communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. If you’re not able to communicate your boundaries, desires, and feelings to your partner, then both of you are going to be walking on ice with blindfolds on.

This creates an unhealthy and unpredictable dynamic in the relationship, and can make it very easy for both of you to end up on rocky ground or breaking up.


Trust is another reason that relationships fail. Trust can be broken by one partner doing something against the wishes of the other partner, but many people also come into relationships with past trust issues.

This is an important aspect to discuss with your partner. Being open and honest – again, communicating – about why you have trust issues or why your trust is at stake is the only way to resolve these issues.


A lot of people go into a relationship expecting their partner to be a different way. It’s easy to say that you love someone for who they are, but once you move in with them and start to see that they have their own subtle (or not-so-subtle) ways of doing things, it can be easy to let expectations slip in.

Expecting someone to behave differently than how they want to is not only unrealistic, it’s unfair and can be belittling. Having too high expectations of your partner can lead to them feeling pushed away and leaving you.

How Can We Improve the State of Relationships?

As you can see from what we’ve discussed above, there are many different reasons that relationships can fall apart. However, virtually every single relationship problem has one thing in common: it can only be resolved through open, honest communication.

That means that if you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, you need to be an effective communicator with your partner and with yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a great communicator. Many of us weren’t born into environments where our communication skills were honed properly. For people like this, relationships and communication counseling can be a very valuable step in helping to maintain a relationship.

If you are struggling in a relationship or marriage, make sure to make a point of communicating with your partner. Perhaps both of you can seek a counselor so that you can maximize the enjoyment and pleasure that the two of you get from being around each other.

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