Made so by the appearance of Kamala

By Shiny Babu


Acheery greeting brought Shama out of her reverie. “Now where are the newly-weds?” It was Reena calling out from the drawing room. Shama was lost in the arms of Anoop, who was gazing into her eyes. “I just can’t believe it’s been 25 years since you came into my life. It all seems like yesterday,” he was whispering in her ear.

Straightening the pleats of her olive-green sari, she hurried over to the hall with open arms.

“Wow! So here you are! What is a celebration without our vivacious Reena?” Shama’s warm brown eyes smiled at Reena.

Reena, Anoop’s only sister, was very like her brother in appearance and character, very close to him, with hardly a secret between them.

“House Party”

“You look lovely, Shama. Where is the hero? I travelled all the way out here and I’ve to dig you people out!” Reena complained.

Fair and smooth-complexioned, Shama’s long silky hair was tied in a neat ponytail. With just a few grey strands here and there, she hardly looked her age of 47.

“Now, my little sister has already begun her grumbling,” Anoop came over, giving Reena a prod. The tall, dark man looked handsome in a green and brown checked shirt, Shama’s gift, and grey plaid trousers. The 50 years of his life had given him smears of silver in his abundant curly hair and moustache. Yet he had a dignified appearance.

The home was soon filled with gaiety and chatter, as the guests arrived in singles and groups. There were loud greetings, wishing the couple many more anniversaries with lots of love and cheer. It was obvious that they were a loving couple, adored by friends and relatives alike.

The phone rang just then and Shama went over to get her mobile. It was Anshu, their only daughter on the line, calling from the USA.


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