Bigg Boss 11 has proved to be unlucky for few contestants in the Bigg Boss house. And one of these contestants is Priyank Sharma. The Splitsvilla contestant has been experiencing several emotions ever since he has entered the Bigg Boss house. And recently when his ex-girlfriend, Divya Agarwal entered the Bigg Boss house to pay an emotional visit to him, things got even worse for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Divya in front of his eyes. Divya expressed her disappointment towards him and told him how he has hurt so many girls both inside and outside the house, including her. She even revealed to him that his only friend in the house was Vikas Gupta.

As soon as the last episode went on air, the infuriated started flooding Priyank and Divya’s social media with hate comments. While it was expected that Priyank and Divya will have to face the wrath of the viewers post this episode, but little did we know that ex-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla would also get dragged into this matter, yet again. She was flooded with hate comments on her Instagram account where every other person was accusing her of being the reason behind Divya and Priyank’s breakup.

Infuriated Benafsha Soonawalla couldn’t handle it anymore and went ahead to speak about the same. In an interview with Bollywood life, Benafsha said,  “Why do people think I am the only reason why Divya has broken up with Priyank. Once I came out, I spoke to Divya. We are not best friends but we spoke well. She told me, Ben, it’s not your fault. Divya’s main problem is that her name has not been mentioned by Priyank as she expected it to be. He has been mentioning other girls. She is like, why is my name not being taken. He is talking about this and that girl. Priyank’s statements are changing by the day. Honestly, I don’t know much about the relationship they share or shared. Last night, he told Hina (Khan) that they broke up before he went inside. I don’t think Divya was rude. I felt she was pretty polite. Yes, she was hurt. Perhaps it was not the occasion to break up. I feel it was a little too early. As per my opinion, she could have let Priyank come out and talk to her. Divya is a lovely girl. But once someone’s inside there is a communication gap. When I came out, I had to explain to many people that all that they were seeing was not the actual thing. You are inside for 24 hours and there’s a lot of editing. No one knows what happens in the uncut footage.”

The young model further added, “So, basically it is only Priyank who knows the real truth about his emotions. I felt that Divya was not rude, she was concerned and advised him well. When she spoke about their fans, I felt her intention was not to psyche Priyank out. It was like Kuch galat ho raha hai, usko sahi karo. She told him to think individually and that advice was extremely important. She told him that Vikas was only his genuine friend and she did the right thing by saying that.”

Looks like Priyank will have to answer a lot of questions once he is out of the house. Be it Vikas, Benafsha or Divya, he has failed to do justice to any of them as a friend. do you think he will be able to make up for this? Will Vikas and Priyank be good friends ever again? Will Divya and Priyank re-unite? Will Benafsha trust Priyank anymore? Share your views in the comment section and stay tuned for more such updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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