Bigg Boss finale is just around the corner and everyone is super excited for it. Recently, Bigg Boss housemates were given a ranking task. In the task, housemates were given ranking podiums and were asked to rank themselves from one to six. One being the highest rank and 6 being the lowest one.


Housemates came forward and justified their rank. The ranks they gave themselves will help them to win the ticket to the finale week task. During the task, Bani and Lopamudra got into an argument. Bani gave her justification and stood at position number 1. However, Lopa kept interrupting her and claimed to be at the first spot.

When Bani asked Lopa to let her justify the reason, she said, ‘I am all ears’ in a very sarcastic manner. Bani in return got annoyed with Lopa’s attitude but still gave a justification to end the conversation.

We are so waiting for all this to end!

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