Anshula, Janhvi, Arjun and Khushi Kapoor bond up, see pictures from get-together

The Kapoor family is having a great time together these days. Anshula, Arjun, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor have come closer with time and having a lot of fun together. Ever since legendary actress Sridevi passed away in February 2018, Anushla and Arjun have been standing strong in the support of their sisters Janhvi and Khushi. These days they are often spotted together for dinners. Recently, the Kapoors had a dinner at their family home.

Arjun, Anshula, Khushi, Janhvi, Sanjay Kapoor and his family and Boney Kapoor enjoyed dinner at their home. From their family dinner, Anshula shared an adorable picture of Khushi and Janhvi. In the picture, Khushi can be seen trying to carry Janhvi on her back. Anshula captured the candid moment and posted it on her Instagram handle.


Arjun has been really protective of his sisters. Earlier, when a media house tried to outfit shame his sister Janhvi, he slammed them badly and asked them to immediately take down the post. Arjun, who was present for the dinner yesterday as well asked the photographers to not click any pictures of the family. He also thanked them on his Twitter handle. He posted, “So I was at my grandmothers house for dinner today and the photographer s landed up when we were all exiting…I requested them to not click pictures out of just being impulsive and they even at the cost of their livelihood actually obliged…just wanted to say thank u to them…”

The family is also planning to go on a vacation together. The sisters will probably be joining Arjun for her next schedule in London for his upcoming project. Surely, the Kapoors will have a great time!





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