Anupam Shyam’s Shocking Sudden Death!

Television star Anupam Shyam is known for his confident acting skills. His work in Mann Kee Awaaz: Pratigya, was applauded by many critics. His role has always taken a villainous nature, however, his death came as a shock to many.

Offscreen Anupam is known to many as a man of great spirit. It was only last week when he was admitted to the hospital. Doctors ruled his condition as critical. The actor was battling a kidney infection since the year began. Despite his dire situation, the actor continued to fight the good fight.

Credit : Indian Wire

Sadly, things took a nasty turn last week. He was admitted to the hospital and battled his last days. While he was diagnosed with a kidney infection, the actor lost his life due to multiple organ failures. This shocking news is surely taking a toll on the industry as he is much revered.

Amongst other celebrities in the industry who took to social media to express their saddened loss is actor Manoj Joshi. The actor took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the star. He says, “Saddened by the demise of my friend and very talented actor Anupam Shyam ji. We have lost a great man”.

Credit: Tribune

We could not agree more, this year many actors and celebrities have been taken from us. We only hope that the family is able to find peace at this troubling time. Fans on the other hand will surely miss the actor and his electrifying acting after making Pratigya a landmark show.

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