Archana Puran Singh Confirms That Sumona Chakravarti Returns Back On The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show is all set to return to the small screen with a bang. Fans are all excited as The Kapil Sharma Show is set to make a comeback on 15th August and the first promo of the show as released on 25th July. Rumors are getting circulated that Sumona Chakravarti aka Bhoori, will not appear in the new show. As soon as the rumor spread on the internet, the die-hard fans of the comedy show expressed an outrage. Unfortunately, Sumona was not in any of the photographs shared by the cast of TKSS on social media.

However, Archana Puran Singh, the special judge of the show has put an end to all of these speculations. She revealed that Sumona is still a part of the cast and will be seen in a completely different avatar, where there is going to be a big twist regarding her character. Archana mentioned to Aaj Tak, “If you think that Sumona is not in the show, then you are going to get a surprise soon. There is Sumona in the show but her avatar will be very different, but we will have the same lovely Sumona.”

Sumona Chakravarti, the multitalented actor, has also herself shred a photograph from the set of Kapil Sharma hosted a show on social media announcing that she is ‘Back to work’.

Upon the discussion of the new cast, Archana stated, “At present, only Sudesh Lahiri’s entry has taken place in the show. The rest of the team is old…The set on the show is new…You will see Kapil Sharma’s family extension. You will see a little new background on the set.”

Soon after the release of the new season’s promotional video, Sumona had shared a cryptic post on social media. The note was about ‘feeling horrible’ after leaving a situation, where she shared a quotation from Charlotte Freeman’s book, Everything You’ll Ever Need, which read like, “You will never know if something is meant for you if you don’t give it a proper chance. Whether it’s a relationship, a new job, a new city, or a new experience, throw yourself into it completely and don’t hold back. If it doesn’t work out then it probably wasn’t meant for you and you’ll walk away without regret, knowing that you put your whole heart into it. That’s all you can ever do. It’s a horrible feeling leaving a situation knowing that you should have and could have done more. To find the courage to take that chance, find the inspiration to make your next move, and once you do, pour your heart into it and don’t look back.”

Archana also shared the experience of the first day shooting, “The experience of shooting on the first day was amazing. The entire team had arrived prematurely with enthusiasm. I was the one who reached the set at 7 am and returned after finishing work at 7 pm. I am very tired but the experience has been amazing”

Henceforth, we wish some outstanding wonder from this comeback of TKSS.

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