Are you a victim of your marriage?

By admin

January 29, 2017

Marriage is a lifelong bond. But with every passing moment, this pious bond is weakening and today, Divorce has come up as the best way to free oneself from a distressed relationship. But, if you will follow these easy steps in your family life, you will never be a victim anymore. So, let’s discuss and frame certain rules for a healthy relation.

  1. Never go for an argument twice. Stay cool and talk.
  2. You have nothing to discuss, go for fresh air and create new memories to discuss.
  3. Stop the blame game and start taking the responsibilities. It helps!
  4. Never feel sorry for being honest but always be the first to say SORRY. It’s just LOVE & not a WAR.
  5. Stop suspecting, start respecting.

These small things have great impacts on life. Start NOW!

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