Are You Being Used In Your Relationship? Let’s Find Out!!

In the context of relationships, you may realize or suspect that something is wrong, that you are unhappy, and that you are most likely being exploited. This emotion makes you feel uneasy, and no one loves being exploited only for the advantage of others. You also fear that you will be abandoned by the other after his or her need has passed. So, in order to rescue yourself from such a relationship, here are a few warning flags you should look for.

  1. You are the one who always pays

No matter what, you are the one who has to pay the bills at the conclusion of a beautiful meal, supper, high tea, shopping, etc. Or he or she is paying tiny sums, but you must pay large sums. Unless you have already discussed this, this is a strong indication that you are being used. Make sure to speak Dutch. Try telling him or her that you can’t pay the bill only once and see how he or she reacts. It will inform you whether or not you are being utilised. In this case, it is not about money, but it reveals the person’s background and personal ideals.

  1. Conversations that are just one way

A monologue is occasionally acceptable, and someone talking about himself or herself is acceptable when done a few times. However, if the majority of talks begin and conclude with them, and what you have to say is either not included in the conversation or is conveniently ignored, you are being exploited.

  1. You end up becoming the savior

Not once, not twice, but every time you come to the rescue of the other and the other makes reasons for doing so, it’s an indication that you need to move out of this one-way traffic relationship. You must feel cared for, and someone must be concerned about you.

  1. There is no such thing as “thank you”

No matter what you do, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, taking the kids somewhere, or caring for their parents, you’ll never be appreciated. This is really damaging to any relationship. It is critical for both persons to express their thanks. Nobody has the right to do another person’s work. Every other day, a thank you goes a long way.

  1. Your emotional requirements are never satisfied

In a relationship, the two people are supposed to instinctively pay attention to one other’s emotional needs every now and then. If this is not the case, and just you are doing it, but the other is constantly missing when you need a hug, a shoulder to weep on, or simply to chat to someone, then you know your relationship is not the right one.


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