Are You Lacking Confidence? Here’s What Strong Women Do!!

In our patriarchal culture, women frequently assume a specific role that they “had to” perform in order for their everyday lives to operate. They submit to men for the tiniest of reasons, forgetting that equality is fundamental, which is what feminism stands for. They lose sight of their own value and the truth that they will never be perfect for anyone since they are human beings, not Goddesses with many hands. Certain things must be practiced without being disrespectful in order to be a powerful lady. So, for the sake of her own self-esteem, here are 7 things a strong woman should never do for a man!

You are unique.

Remember that you are unique and an individual with your own set of likes, dislikes, and personality. Don’t let them compare you to another person they know. This will mentally exhaust you.


Vulnerability is not a flaw

Remember that being sensitive and emotional does not imply that you are weak. Put an end to that idea. Emotions are your strength, and vulnerability contributes to the health and happiness of your relationships.


Don’t let his doubts pull you down

Self-doubt is a sin as it pulls you back from reaching your goals. If you start believing in the doubt that he has in you, your confidence will dwindle and you will lose faith in yourself. It’s his issue or ego that’s clouding his thinking, not yours.

Take up the challenge thrown at you

Many males have a propensity to confront the woman across the table if she exhibits confidence and competence in her work. He may raise the stakes and provide you with a higher and more difficult challenge. Don’t escape it; instead, face it front on because women have the guts to stand up to males and achieve everything they set their minds to.

What rules?

There are no rules dictating how you must act, live, and so on. Those so-called norms have been established by males in a patriarchal culture so that women do not overcome them. Don’t let gender conventions dictate your way of life. They merely hinder your development.

Staying silent

Never, ever stay silent when you are being abused. Stand up to that person, report to the authorities. Strong women do not keep mum and accept injustice. Just choose your battles wisely. But do not take nonsense from anyone. It is important to put the one who wronged you in his place. Because if you don’t it will keep happening as you will be considered weak.

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