Arjun Bijlani and his wife, Neha Swami never fails to give their fans some major couple goals.  They built themselves a happy world while taking slow steps. Arjun never talks about  his love life but during a latest interview with Pinkvilla, the actor got candid and revealed some details about how insecurities had crept in at Neha’s mind about their marriage when Arjun became famous till the recent time when they spent their 6th anniversary together.

Arjun Bijlani stated, “I got Left Right Left exactly three months after I met Neha. She has been with me since that time, when I was a nobody, actually a nobody. I am not the perfect husband, never was the perfect boyfriend either but my heart was in the right place. Even if I used to go wrong, I used to seek advice from other people so yes, six years of marriage and nine years of courtship, we recently celebrated our six years marriage anniversary. It is been great.”

Later in the interview, he further talked about Neha Swami’s insecurities, Arjun Bijlani revealed, “Of course, she had her share of insecurities,” and added, “But they all got done when I got married to her. She really thought that this guy is not going to marry her after all this success and now that he is popular and he is going to marry an actress only. I was already dating her for so long, and I thought if someone can be with me for nine years, they can be with me for the rest of my life.”

A few days ago,Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swami  celebrated 6 years of togetherness.  Both Neha and Arjun had took to their Instagram handle and shared a lovely video with a romantic song. Arjun wrote a heartfelt note along with the post, “I could choose the perfect quotes to say the best things to you, but I choose to be real today. U have been with me since I was 22 and probably, we have spent all birthdays, festivals, the good the bad the ups the downs together.9 years of courtship and now 6 years of marriage. Uff! we have spent lot of years together. I know I haven’t been the best, but I will keep trying my best. Thank you for tolerating me for so long on that note happy anniversary @nehaswami Thank u for giving me the best in my worst and of course OUR ANGEL AYAAN.”

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