Arjun Kapoor Gave An Epic Reply To The Troll Who Shamed Him For Dating Malaika Arora

Arjun Kapoor became the latest victim of the trolls and was shamed  for dating Malaika Arora. However, the Gunday actor did not hold back and gave a perfect reply. Just a day after Arjun officially revealed that he is dating Malaika, a troll tweeted to him shaming the actor for dating a woman elder to him. The troll also claimed that Arjun had hated his dad Boney Kapoor, in the past, for marrying Sridevi who was younger to him.

Arjun gave an epic reply and tweeted . “I don’t hate anyone Kusum. We kept a dignified distance, If I did I wouldn’t have been there for my dad Janhvi & Khushi at a sensitive time… it’s easy to type & judge, think a little. Your @Varun_dvn s fan so I feel I should tell u don’t spread negativity with his face on ur DP,” he tweeted to the troll, who goes by the name Kusumbhutani.

The user later realised his mistake and responded by deleting the controversial tweet and sending out an apology to both Arjun and Malaika. “I apologise if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. I meant to do no harm. Extremely sorry to all @arjunk26 Fans…. Please Forgive me . It was just my opinion. Have nothing against @arjunk26 Sir or #MalaikaArora Ma’am. . SORRY SIR @arjunk26,” the user wrote. Arjun, was gracious in accepting the apology and wrote back, “It’s ok kusum… spread love… the street dancer is watching you.”

When the name of Varun Dhawan was dragged in the entire debate, he also decided to show support to Arjun and put out a tweet. “Im glad u apologised kusum its okay arjun is not upset lets just all live our own lives ak has a big heart like I always say I don’t want any of my fans to talk bad about any actors #keepiteasy,” he wrote.

What you guys think about the whole Arjun-Malaika dating thing? Do let us know in the comments.


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