Arjun Rampal will play a gangster turned politician Arun Gawli’s role in his latest movie, Daddy. Post last frida’s release, Baadshaho, this one again is set in the background of 70s and 80s. Arjun has undergone a major transformation for the look of his movie.

Arjun who once won a National Award and gave some good performances at the silver screen, went missing from the limelight. Now he is back with a bang and we hope his latest movie does well at the box office. While he was promoting his movie in Delhi, WE had a word with him.

He shared why he wants to take up different roles. He shared, “It happened by me just feeling ‘nothing’! After watching a few films of mine, walking out of the cinema hall, I would wonder ‘what have I done? I don’t feel anything, there is no sense of satisfaction.’ There was no sense of joy or fulfillment or pride. These are the emotions you want to feel when you are in this industry. You want to come out of the cinema hall after watching your film, and feel proud of yourself. I wanted to feel purely about my craft, not to become a megastar, but to be known as a good actor. I used to feel very superficial on that level, but the profession is much deeper, so I stopped looking at it superficially, and that’s how things started changing.”

The movie is a biopic based on a gangster turned politician and it is one of it’s kind subject. WE asked Arjun if the reaction of the audience on such subjects bothers him. He said, “I don’t know what the audience likes or dislike. You make big films and they come and go. So, you can’t really think if they are going to work or not. Films are made from the heart, I choose my films from the heart. Once you finish the film and you walk past feeling satisfied as an actor, you leave it to the audience. It is the other part of the film. I don’t know how will they react to this character. I don’t know will they enjoy it or not enjoy it, love it or dislike it. I don’t know! But as an actor I know that I walked out of this film feeling more than satisfied.”

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