Arjun Rampal’s Ladylove Gabriella Demetriades Conducts A Detailed Interaction With Her Followers Through An AMA Session

Arjun Rampal’s beloved girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades is found to be an avid social media user. Besides sharing her glamourous and attractive footage as well as videos, the fashionista also keeps a balance of sharing different images and videos with her partner and their son Arik. Gabriella’s fan followers also remain a spectator of various holiday and travel images from her vacation trips. As she decided to initiate an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on her Instagram, this Thursday she interacted with her fans and kept an outlook of her ‘fit and fun’ aspect in front of the viewers.

Many followers asked her about her exercise and food plans where Gabriella calmly replied to all of their queries and mentioned, how she has been into ‘yoga and now pilates’ and it has gifted her with unbelievable outcomes. She also further shared her experience of intermittent fasting, and that how wonderful the food plan was! As a response to a fan’s request upon some well-being ideas, she answered, “I also try to work out five-six times a week. I have been doing HIT sessions at home, running, walking, basically just moving. Also trying to eat right,”

A fan addressed her as ‘chubby’. In reply to that, this fashion-ova literally schooled her by saying that, everybody is ideal in their very own means. Gabriella promoted physical positivity and advised her to take due heed to their physique and work accordingly. On the subject of her pregnancy, she exposed the fact, that it didn’t only take her 12 days to misplace her pregnant fats, rather, her vocal ensured, “It took me two years to get to my original weight,”. The mannequin stated that she has struggled a lot with her physique picture earlier and the business wasn’t also as ‘diverse as it is today.

A fan directly asked her, “Have you ever struggled with your body confidence/image? Any advice?” She replied, “Yes, sadly the fashion industry wasn’t as diverse as it is today. I would be told all the time I’m not tall enough, my hips are too big, my thighs too thick, basically whatever they didn’t like. It took me a long time to not place my worth on those things.”

A follower also asked her that they want to adopt her son. Gabriella’s firm and cool response on that were, “No I’m kinda obsessed.”. As furthermore, the model cum actress shared her favorite pictures with Arjun, a follower who asked her about her favorite Bollywood movie, on which she shared Raajneeti’s poster and wrote, “Not seen many but loved this for obvious reasons. However, wish he didn’t die hahaha”.

Gabriella also shared various suggestions upon books, perfumes, exercise regimes, even no make-up photograph on fans’ demand. Although she was asked to share a bikini photo, upon which she shared a picture of herself on an entirely covered dress in costumes.

It was all in all a lovely AMA session and at the end of it all, we just wish their relationship more strength and power, along with a happy, peaceful, and successful life for the three of them.

Primary Excerpt Taken From – The Indian Express (

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