Arpita Khan-Aayush Sharma’s Second Baby To Arrive On Salman Khan’s Birthday, Dec 27 Will Be A Dual Celebration For The “Khan-Daan”

Having a family is one of the cherished gifts from God, and one such happy-go-lucky family is of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma. Arpita Khan tied the knot with Himachal Boy and then-aspiring actor Aayush Sharma on November 18, 2014. The couple welcomed their first child whom they lovingly named Ahil in 2016. A few months back, reports of Arpita Khan’s second pregnancy started making headlines. Soon after the parents-to-be confirmed their second baby’s arrival.

Arpita’s delivery is next month and to make it extra special the couple has decided to welcome their second baby on Salman Khan’s birthday i.e December 27. As per a Mumbai Mirror Report, Arpita and Aayush who are very fond of Salman Khan have scheduled a C-section delivery on actor’s birthday Yes, you heard it right if everything goes as planned Mamu Salman Khan will share his birthday with Arpita Khan’s second baby.

Confirming her pregnancy Arpita has spoken in detail in an interview with She was quoted as saying, “We had decided that we’ll have a second child at some point. But no, this wasn’t planned. However, when we realised that I was carrying, we were just elated. Further revealing her due date she said she is expecting her baby in January 2020. When asked about if they have finalized the name for the baby she said, “Nahin, abhi tak nahin, Let’s first see if it’s a daughter or son”.

Further revealing if she wants a boy or a girl she said, “Nothing like that. I just want a healthy baby”. He (Ayush) too has no preference- son or daughter, either would be equally welcome. When asked about what was Salman’s reaction to it she said, “The entire Khan-Daan is overjoyed”.

A while back Aayush also confirmed Arpita’s pregnancy. He was quoted as saying, “The new arrival is very exciting. Yes, Arpita and I are expecting a second baby. It’s been such an amazing journey. It starts all over again and we just’ can’t wait for the baby to come.”

We are well aware of the fact that Salman Khan is very close to Arpita’s firstborn Ahil. So much that we have often seen the two spending quality time with each other and the videos are always too cute for words. In an interview, Aayush Sharma had once shared how only Ahil can only dare to wake Salman Bhai when the latter is sleeping. He had stated, “With Salman bhai, Arpita has been more like his daughter than a sister. He’s always taking care of her like a daughter”.

He had further added, “Now Arpita and his son is even special. It’s not just for Salman bhai, but the whole family. Salman bhai also gets a little break with Ahil. If Ahil wants bhai to get up, he’ll pull him and bhai doesn’t say anything to him. But we’re not allowed. He gets away with everything. Ahil doesn’t sleep before 4 am. He likes to party with us. Bhai even takes Ahil with him to shoot.”

We are sure that Salman Khan will be ecstatic to share his birthday with Arpita’s second baby. We wish Arpita an easy and healthy pregnancy.

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