Arrange Marriage

Getting ready for an arrange marriage?

Marriage arranged by someone else being  parents or relatives is an arrange marriage. People getting married does not know each other much.

Marriage: Coperative Collaboration And Public Allegations

First meeting anxiety

First meeting with an unknown person to decide whether to get married or not  sounds exciting. But at the same time,it’s a very crucial decision of one’s life so there are various questions going in your mind.

Both the girl and the boy must first be clear about the kind of life partners they are searching for. They must know what qualities they want in their partners.


What to talk to eachother?

Parents must have seen the person’s family, his/her qualification and profession. So, the only thing left is to know that person’s nature, behaviour, passion, hobbies i.e. all about him/her.

Ofcourse one meeting is not enough to take decision of a marriage. So, multiple meetings must be done to know eachother well. It’s a lifetime decision so should be taken very carefully.

Be friends first

Any relationship works if you give space to each other. Friendship gives you your personal space. Be friends with each other first. If you are comfortable, half the problem is solved there and then.

Share your thoughts, experiences in life, your lifestyle etc. You must share,what kind of life partner you want and all. Communication is a solution of all problems and decisions.

Be the original you 

Everybody give their best at their first meeting which is normal. So it’s important to be the original you infront of eachother. No show-off or fake personality must be there.

Spending whole life together is not a small thing so show what you actually are that makes a relationship strong.

Coordination and communication

Communication is the key for a strong relationship. We must express our feelings to eachother, it makes your partner feel loved and secured.

I personally believe that it’s very difficult decision to make. But if you are able to know that person and his/her family well,this decision becomes easier.

No one is perfect

No person is perfect, everybody have positive and negative points in them. So, if negative things are very small and can be ignored or accepted the way they are,we must do that.

If we can compensate eachother negatives with our positives,that will be the best part of a relation.

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”





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