Amid controversies, relationships among the Bigg Boss housemates are also common. Nothing can be as faster than the way relationship keeps changing among Bigg Boss housemates. In the initial days of Bigg Boss, great bonding between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan was seen but, nowadays they even don’t want to be at the same place.

Similarly, when Akash lost his captaincy task he blamed completely to Puneesh Sharma and remained silent for a long time and even he was not talking to the housemates too. He didn’t even show any enthusiasm in weekend ka var episode too. But, now all we come up with the good news for the fans of Akash. U will be glad to hear that Akash is once again back in action. All this started when Bigg Boss surprised housemates by starting the jacuzzi.

In an uncut video on VOOT shared by the fan club, Akash was spotted enjoying a bubble bath with Arshi khan in a jacuzzi. Later, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi also accompanied them. After having some chill moment Love and Priyank stepped out of the Jacuzzi but, Akash and Arshi continued enjoying a bubble bath. As it depicts that they were enjoying less in the Jacuzzi so they jumped in the swimming pool and both were spotted singing Bigg Boss rap song in the pool.

Let’ have a look at the video:

Akash was also seen in the video chilling with everyone in the garden area. Now, we can say that Akash came up with a surprise for everyone and he is not unhappy anymore.

Last weekend we saw that how in a dramatic way Sapna Chaudhary was eliminated from the house. This shocking eviction was heartbreak for all the Sapna’s fan. The reason behind her elimination was her constant fight with everyone in the house. Well, it was very clear about Sapna that she’s not playing a very fair game in the house. Her alliance with Hina was very evident throughout and everyone saw through it during the luxury budget task too, she was made the judge. Sapna came into the limelight after having a constant fight with Shilpa, Hiten, Bandagi and Puneesh.

Well, this week, Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde were the contestants in elimination round team up with Sapna, now, wait and see who’s going to face the elimination round in coming weekend of the show.

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