Aryan Khan Was Taking Drugs for 4 Years, Cried During Investigation

Cruise Drugs Party Case: Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was arrested in a drug case, burst into tears during the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) interrogation. Aryan Khan was arrested on Sunday in a Mumbai cruise drugs case. India Today has reported that Aryan was crying during the interrogation. It has also come to light that Aryan has been taking drugs for the last four years. While in the UK, Dubai and other countries, he continued to use drugs, NCB sources said.

Drugs for a rave party on a cruise safari were used on social media to advertise a luxurious cruise safari from Mumbai to Goa. It was noticed by the NCB team and the action session started. The three-day cruise safari from Mumbai to Goa was attended by children from wealthy families, which led the NCB to suspect drug and rave parties. The NCB set the trap and entered the cruise. As soon as the party started, the NCB officers, who were in a hurry, raided and seized cocaine, hashish, MD, MDMA, and arrested the youths on the cruise.

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Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan took drugs from the lens box of his eyes,

The investigation revealed that everyone who came to the party brings drugs like Yuktikocaine, Charas, Hashish, MD, MDMS on the cruise, fought hard. According to NCB sources, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan took drugs in the lens box of his eyes, while someone used a belt, underwear, etc. The men’s shirt collar, the sleeves of the sleeves, the stitches near the waistband of the pants, were hidden in the handlebars of the women’s handbags.

Though the NCB officials wanted 3-day custody of Aryan Khan for deep investment in the cruise drug party case yet the defense counsel argued but couldn’t satisfy the concerned court for the bail. Hence court gave NCB only 3-day of custody. As per the latest updates regarding the case, Aryan Khan with Arbaaz Seth Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha will stay in custody till October 7 for further investigation.

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