Aryana Sayeed: Afghanistan Pop Singer Leaves Country Given To The Taliban Violence

Aryana Sayeed who is from Afghanistan, pop singer, had to leave her country given the atrocities done by the Taliban. There is chaos in Afghanistan right now. The atmosphere is polluted. There is fear among the citizens. There is tremendous insecurity. The question for Afghan citizens is how to survive in such a situation. The Taliban have invaded and seized power. It has had an impact on Afghan society in Afghanistan.

Ayana Sayeed

The Taliban, known for their brutality, aggression, and violence, have started atrocities against the common man. A few days ago, he held a press conference and tried to reassure everyone. However, the locals had reacted that they did not believe in him at all. Celebrities from different walks of life are now preparing to leave the country.

Thousands have crossed into Afghanistan in the past few days. The Taliban are trying to stop them. But the citizens feel that they have to leave this country by doing something. Two days ago, Saba Saba, Afghanistan’s first female director, reacted to how much suffering we have suffered in this country. You had made the film by fighting tirelessly. She had said that there was opposition from her house. After that, news has come out on social media that a famous singer from Afghanistan has left the country. The singer has decided to leave the country as she is fed up with the injustice and atrocities of the Taliban.

Ayana Sayeed

Afghan pop star Aryana has decided to leave the country. She has flown from Kabul to the United States. Aryana is known on social media as the judge of the show Afghan The Voice. She has left her country with American cargo. He has since shared a post on social media. From that, she has criticized the current situation. She has endured a lot so far, she writes. That night was very scary. You have no idea what crisis we are going through. But what I have experienced has been painful. That feeling has been expressed by that singer. In that photo, Aryana is seen wearing a mask. I will tell you a few things when I go to my new home now. That is also what Aryana has said.

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