Asha Negi Talks At Length About Her Wedding Plans With Rithvik

The foundation of any relation is based upon the love, care and respect that the two people share. Where there’s no dominance and only mutual understanding residing between the two, is the relation shared by Asha Negi and Rithvik. It is well quoted, ‘’ We accept the love we think we deserve.’’ And Ashvik truly stands up to these words. Falling in love in between of the sets of ‘Pavitra Rishta’, the couple has proved to be worthy companions for each other allowing their fans to wonder ‘how pavitra is their rishta!’

Experiencing the joy of togetherness with ‘The Only One’ is a blessing being showered upon our two love birds. Both the actors, individually, on professional front have been able to win the love and support from the public. And now the time has come that this favourite couple from small screen  gains popularity amongst the audience for the bond that they share. The most trending couple of the TV screen has caught a lot of appreciation for their chemistry from the start of their journey, first as a ‘Reel’ Jodi and now as the ‘Real’ Jodi.

On a latest conversation with SpotboyE, Asha Negi unveiled many aspects of her relationship with Rithvik. The fact that fans have taken the chemistry of twosome so seriously that they do not wish to see Asha sharing screen with any other actor forced her to respond, ‘’ As an actor if you ask, just because fans are loving any of your characters it doesn’t mean that you will not experiment. As till the time an actor doesn’t challenge his or her own skills, there is no fun…… I will keep doing new things.’’ When another question asking her if she was ready to give a shot to bold scenes on digital space was put up in front of her, she had a clear answer ready in her mind. ‘’I will definitely do bold scenes if the script demands but on one condition that it should make sense to the storyline.’’

With the growing obsession of fans for their marriage, Rithvik was recently asked in a show when are they planning to put a stamp on their ‘pavitra rishta’. To this his reply was,’’ We are too young for that now. It will happen when it has to.’’ Seems they are letting destiny play its cards!

Well well, here’s much more love to the couple and let them know that we are with them in their every decision.


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