Dhinchak Pooja  has attained the status of a celebrity with her unstoppable viral Youtube videos like ‘Selfie maine Le Li Aaj which never fail to amuse us!! Yes, we are talking about Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain. Pooja who goes by her stage name ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ hails from Delhi. Well, she used to be a regular girl, but not anymore!! She shot to fame with her first youtube video, ‘Swag Wali topi’ back in 2015. Followed by ‘Daaru’ in 2016, ‘Selfie maine leli aaj’, ‘Scooter shooter’, Bapu dede thoda cash’ in 2017.

And we all very well know why she got famous! Her unbeatable style of music videos!! No comparison to that! And those trending videos have bagged her, a place in the Big Boss house S11. She entered the house in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, where even Salman Khan looked baffled hearing to her music. He even learnt and repeated a line or two with her! Even the house mates had mixed reviews, some were amazed and surprised and some were skeptical about her arrival. According to Pooja, she’ll be who she is, in the house, but will also adjust according to the unforeseen situations in the house. And for the housemates, they seem kind of intimidated already, as they are seen contemplating on her nature as she arrived.


Watch her latest audition video here, which is going viral at an alarming speed!! No doubt, the TRP’s of this show are going to shoot up at rocket speed!


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