Ethnicity in Ehsas Bharat Ka

We live in a world which is full of social media and digitalization. We have more friends on our Facebook account rather than our present life. Our entire life revolves around our social network timeline. This is bad but at the same time go…


This Wedding Season Try Polki !

Indian traditional jewelry has always been regarded as our heritage. It is both regal and ornate and yet precious and emotional as the family heirloom is often passed down from mother to daughter and daughter in laws. And one of the most be…


Weird reasons why girls get rejected

Hey girls! There are times when you can’t understand why you got rejected. So here are some of the most weird and uncommon reasons why you could have got rejected! She is Working It happens that your in-laws are not happy that you are worki…


How to ask out a guy for a date

It happens a lot many times that you like a guy and he is a very good friend of yours. One day you decide to date him. So how do you go about asking  him? Here is a guide which will help you. Know your Guy Know your guy. Try to know his lik…


5 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

A date is one of the best times to know your partner. If you are in a Facebook  or a phone relationship where you don’t know your partner at all,  then it’s one of the golden opportunities to know your partner well. It’s really important to…


Planning & Shopping For Dream Weddings

Wedding is a special day in the life of every Indian girl and boy. Celebrating Vivaha, -a wedding exhibition that has been taking place since 2003 to help realize these dreams took place recently from 9th July to 11th July 2016. The exhibit…


Spending quality time in relationships

I and boyfriend are in a long distance relationship. We hardly get time to spend with each other. How can we spend time with each other? Long distance relationships are difficult to work. But when they do, they are the most ever lasting rel…


Blind dating merits

Is it good to go for blind dating? Blind dating is dating someone who you don’t know at all. It’s a bit tough but it can be fun as you are getting to know a person who you don’t know at all and decide future with him You can experiment by d…


It’s complicated

I have a boyfriend and we are in a long relationship but I have started to like another boy. What should I do? That’s a very common problem. It simple means that the other boy is much better than your recent boyfriend. So, here is what you …


Shortage of time in relationships

My husband is working and does not giving me time to our relationship. How should I tell him this so that he is not offended also? Giving time to each other is very essential for a relationship. You need to spend time so that you know what …


A Lady With A Smile In The Darkness

I met her on an event. Rashmi Anand, the author and achiever wore a beautiful smile and was extremely graceful. Her eyes were sparkling and her voice so polite. I came to know she is a writer so went eagerly to talk to her. She gave me a wa…


5 Ways to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Have faith in your partner Always trust on your partner. One of the biggest problems that are faced in long distance relationship is that the partners don’t have faith on each other. There is always a risk that they will get cheated. So it …


5 signs that you have found “Mr. Him”

He is there for you No matter what he is always available for you and gives you his time.  He is proud of your independence.  He understands your gestures He is able to understand your small gestures even. He understands your actions even i…


5 questions you should ask your future husband

One of the most difficult decisions in a girl in life is deciding her future husband. So Why not Quiz him to find if he is your dream guy ? So here are some questions that you should ask your future husband before making your choice Will yo…


Neck Pieces To Suit Your Top

A neck piece is a big fashion statement in today’s fashionta world. In fashion sense, it acts like a center of attraction point in any dress outfit. A simple black dress combined with a style statement in the form of an elegant neck piece w…


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