Who would leave the chance to get kissed by their loved ones? Kissing, in fact, has several benefits like relieving pain, burning calories, toning facial muscles, lowering blood pressure and releasing happy hormones etc. People try different techniques to become the best kisser. However, not everyone gets to face victory in kissing. Here are some kisses that you should avoid.

The slobbery kiss

Slobbery kisses look good when given by pets, but when it comes to kissing your partner, it is always advisable to keep the saliva in check. Too much of saliva may spoil the fun and seem like your literally licking your sweetheart.

Too-much-tongue kiss

Using tongue while kissing is important but shoving the tongue down your partner’s throat is never a good idea. You need to master the art of using the tongue to have the best kissing feel and even make your partner feel comfortable and passionate.

Bad breath kiss

This kind of kiss could be so disgusting. All we can say is if you know your breath stinks, do take a mouth freshener before leaning for a kiss.

Too-much-biting kiss

Soft nibbles on the lower lip are one thing, but eating your partner’s lips as you eating something like food is not a cool thing to do. The idea of biting the lips while kissing is to get your partner excited for things to come, not bruise him up.

The close-mouthed kiss

This type of kiss can be a complete turn-off. Not only does it convey anger and indifference, but it can also be presumed to be a sign of disgust.

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