The chilling winter season is here along with its cold shivering breeze. What comes along as a complementary unwanted gift with this season is more chances to make us gain weight. Wasting all those hard-working gym sessions, winters make us lazy to the core and fatten us again. But hey, you won’t want to spill water on all those efforts you made to be all shaped up, right?

As if wearing so many layers of warm clothes was not enough to make you look fatter. But as our cravings for hot desserts increase and the pall of laziness hovers over us, gaining weight becomes obvious.

But don’t worry, follow the effective and easy tips mentioned below to enjoy this weather to the core without worrying a bit about gaining weight.

Continue your gym: It is natural, that the cloud of laziness is surely going to take you in its control. But make sure you stay firm and do not get into this trap. Make certain that you do not stop your workout routine because of that and rather stay determined to burn calories. If waking up early in the chilling morning seems like a Herculean task, hit the gym in the evening. However, if going out is entirely impossible, make sure to do physical activities like yoga, dance, rope skipping, etc at home itself.

Limit your alcohol consumption: Let winters come and the party season comes up as a complementary gift. Party season is yet again synonymous with alcohol consumption. Overdrinking at such parties is usual, but is indeed destructive for your health and obstructs your weight loss. Here we bring you a very simple trick to prevent you from over- drinking. All you need to do is, drink at least half a glass of water before and after every drink. This will not allow alcohol to prevent calories burning and will dilute them further.

Keep a check on beverages: Who can resist the scrumptious and tempting hot chocolate drinks with whipped cream? The very thought of hot chocolate, mocha, caramel-laden drinks, super tempting gajar ka halwa makes us crave for winter even more. And I am already drooling! But as we all know, all these are super high on calories and naturally make us gain even more weight. You don’t completely have to stop the intake, but just simply consume less portions. Instead of sipping up a big full cup of beverage, limit to smaller cups with skimmed milk. Also, drink green tea at least twice or thrice a day. Do not get driven by the will to satiate your taste buds.

Green veggies, best buddies: Include plenty of green vegetables in your winter diet. Not only will they help you in losing weight but will also add a glow to your skin during this harsh season. Make spinach, cabbage, broccoli, peas, capsicum, bottle gourd, etc your best friends. Use these nutritious dense greens to fight weight gain and food cravings. Also, have home-made vegetable soup before dinner, if possible. You can enhance the taste by squeezing lemon and spicing it up with chaat-masala.

Eat before going to a party: Going to a party with an empty stomach means eating endless lip-smacking food items. As you gobble those yummilicious food items, the calorie intake is bound to increase and result in gaining weight. The best thing you can do is eating a bit before going to the parties. As a result, you will not indulge in over-eating and prevent yourself from consuming heavy calorie-rich tempting food. Such an easy hack. Simple!

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