We are girls and we love make-up! But there might just be a few things that you are doing wrong and this would hurt your skin.Untitled-1

  • Don’t stretch you face – Stretching causes wrinkles. (Eek), this is the last thing we want on our face before turning 30! Many people stretch their eyes and cheeks when applying eye-liner or during contouring. It is better to use a soft brush for mixing tones and applying the liner with one stroke.
  • Always, ALWAYS remove your make-up before going to bed. Leaving make-up on lets its settle on the skin and seep inside as well. This is not good for your skin and causes skin problems.
  • Always cleanse your face after removing your make-up and moisturize heavily. Make-up can leave our skin dry and so it is important to nourish it after proper cleaning.
  • Don’t use cheap products- be it for your nails or your face, using cheap products puts your skin in direct contact with unidentified and more harmful chemicals as compared to tested products. Cosmetics is one category where you should spend money for the right product.
  • Use less make-up. No tip can be more useful than this. Keeping your skin clean and drinking lots of water and proper meals is what makes your skin look beautiful.
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