It is rightly said that one should always be very selective while choosing friends. A company of good friends can immensely improve you as an individual which can take you to places. A real friend always encourages you for right things, cheers you up on bad days and most importantly, always wishes for your good. But in this mean and diplomatic world, it is difficult to understand people’s double faced personality and their hidden intentions.

And the same goes for friends! There might be many people around you, whom you consider your good friends but for them, you are nothing more than a useful material. They are the ones who get jealous of your success but pretend they are happy; they will always remember you when they need you but will be vanished in your tough days. Not just that, they might eventually spoil your life as well by intentionally indulging you into wrong habits, activities and people.

But before that happens with you, I want you to read this! Here are 5 traits of Fake Friends which will help you identify between the fake people you need to throw out and the real ones whom you should let stay.

  1. While real friends understand and respect your personal space, the fake ones try to take up most of your time preventing you to use your time in a productive way.
  2. A call can reveal a lot. If a friend always calls you up when he needs you in any way, mind you my dear friend, he is just another pseudo-friend in your life. Whereas if there is a friend who calls you quite often for no specific reason, only because he or she is missing you, he is indeed a true good friend.
  3. A real friend always accept the ‘real you’ whereas a fake one will constantly criticize for not being ‘good enough’; he or she will constantly seek for chances to control your life and change you as an individual, that too for bad.
  4. Have a discussion with your friend. If your think his/her focus is on winning than enjoying the conversation, there is no point in investing in this friendship.
  5. A person’s listening conveys a lot more about a person than his talks. Yes, if your friend keeps on speaking and seldom listens to you or asks you to speak, he or she is not what you deserve. It is time to say a good bye then!

Hope this helps you up! Let us know your opinion and experiences in the comments section below!

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