Not many know that Rohit Sharma was dating Sports Manager Ritika Sajdeh for long and the two were best friends. A lot of hearts broke as Rohit shared the news of marrying Ritika.

Ritika manages a lot of Indian cricketers and Rohit Sharma is one of them. They were good friends for around 6 years before Rohit finally popped up the question to her.

Rohit took Ritika to Borivali Sports Club where he first played cricket at the age of 11. He wanted to ditch the clichés and do something unique for Ritika, which is why he took her to that special place. He then gave her a solitaire ring and said those three magical words.

Soon he took to twitter and posted a picture with Ritika wearing that solitaire ring with a caption, “From best friends to soulmates, couldn’t get any better @ritssajdeh.” The two have a huge fan following all across. Their fans keep sharing their adorable picture over social media handles.

Awww, don’t they look super cute together? 

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