Our tinsel town has huge say when it comes to setting trends. From clothes to hairstyles, this glam industry gives us real goals to match up to. Our celebrities had and continue to hitch high trends. And when it comes to love how come our trend setters lag behind? Apparently, Bollywood celebs have always tried to keep their love life away from the camera. But these 4 B-town couples surely don’t like their fans speculating and so, have made clear revelations about their love interests.

Some adore it, some call it a gimmick to attain attention but these celebs have carelessly shunned the haters and continue to entice the public with their breathtaking chemistry.

 Deepika- Ranveer

Atop our list lies this charming duo with sizzling on and off screen chemistry. This ‘ Ramleela’ Jodi never leaves a room of doubt about their love-life among their fans. From gushing over each other’s name to giving flying kisses they have done it all! Her elegance & his dapper looks are definitely to talk about but together they truly give us ethereal PDA goals.

Anushka- Virat

One is a cricket team captain other a leading bollywood actress and this is rightly the most apt match. Although the couple is a little shy when it comes to up fronting their love life but still this coy- love never fails to please us.

The couple has been spotted hand-in-hand at various occasions and recently they together attended the screening of ‘Sachin: a billion dreams’.

Varun – Natasha

‘’ I am proud of the special women in my life and the world should know about her,’’ said Varun Dhawan in one of his interview. The alleged couple are said to be childhood friends.  Although, Varun didn’t make a crystal clear statement about their relationship but in an interview he told media that he wants to keep Natasha away from news which for sure gives no reason to suspect about their relation too.


These alleged love-birds have been spotted together a couple of times for coffee dates, dinner dates. The rumored couple didn’t make any official statements about dating each other than that of beings ‘only friends’ but the couple’s fueling chemistry speaks for itself.

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