Cricket is no less than a religion in India and it is nothing new to tell. But when it is a match between India and Pakistan, the situation is self explanatory. Suddenly, everyone starts bleeding blue, becomes match commentator on social media and is simply hooked to the television screens. The excitement level is so sky high across the entire country that even Bollywood celebs and business biggies cheer with the sheer zeal.

While many celebs like any other Indian common man were cheering out loud for the men in blue on social media, there were many who simply flew to UK and went to watch the much anticipated match.

Ranveer Singh, a hardcore sports enthusiast attended the Champions Trophy match between India and Pakistan. Donned in a snazzy blue jacket, Singh seemed extremely excited (as always) and was missing his lady love Deepika Padukone. We know this because he commented “Missing Ya” on Deepika’s Instagram post. He shared his pictures from the stadium and congratulatory message for the Indian team on social media.

The god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar also marked his presence along with his wife and children. Joining them was the business tycoons Ambani’s. Long time best friends Ambani’s and Tendulkar’s enjoyed the match together.

Yet another big personality who made headlines for his attendance at the match was Vijay Mallya. The wanted and absconded businessman who is currently out on bail VIjay Mallya was spotted in VIP stand enjoying the match at Edgbaston, UK. Strange, the person who owes crores and crores of money to Indian banks and is being tried in the courts is leading an absolutely lavish life.

South Indian superstar Dhanush was also in Edgbaston to watch the match. He shared a picture with Sachin Tendulkar from behind the scenes. 😉 Have a look at the pictures.


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