We all heard the news of Prabhas getting paid INR 25 crores for the epic movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. There were great talks about Prabhas getting the highest sum for his role as Amrendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali. Even the Raajmata Sivagami Devi and Katappa were paid way less than Prabhas.

SS Rajamouli’s Rs 430 Crores venture of Baahubali franchise has broken all the records left till date. It has become the first ever Indian film to break the 1000 crore worldwide mark.


As the movie is grossing high sums at the box office, it has become obvious that the movie stars are getting a humongous profit from this big sum.

Well, news were ripe that Prabhas was the highest paid actor for the movie. However, we have a confirmation that it wasn’t Prabhas who was paid the most, it was someone else. Prabhas aka Baahubali was paid Rs 25 crores, Rana Daggubati aka Bhallaladev got Rs 15 crores, Anushka aka Devasena and Tamannaah aka Avanthika both got Rs 5 crores each, Ramya aka Sivagami Devi got Rs 2.5 crores, Satyaraj aka Kattappa was paid Rs 2 crores. Well, who is left who could’ve got more than the main stars of the movie?

No more waiting, here is the man who got higher than the biggest stars of Baahubali. It’s none other than the movie maker, the director of the movie, without whom the movie wouldn’t have been possible. It was his dream to make this movie franchise Baahubali at the grandest level and break away all the prevalent records. SS Rajamouli was paid a humongous sum of Rs 28 crores and one-third of the total profits earned by the movie. Well, the sum would’ve been so high can be imagined from the fact that Baahubali 1 grossed a profit of Rs 600 crores while Baahubali 2 is still encasing at the box offices worldwide.

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