Each one of us wants to know, why Katappa killed Baahubali! This has been the biggest unanswered question from almost 2 years. Director SS Rajamouli is almost out with the second installment of the film and launched the trailer of the Baahubali- the Conclusion.
The audience is massively welcomed the film’s trailer is over excited for 28th April, the day this film is slated to release. However, one major thing that caught our attention is the spelling of ‘Baahubali’ that is being used.
In the last frame of the official trailer the spelling of the lead character and title of the film is ‘Bahubali’ whereas in the promotional tweets and facebook posts, that spelling being used is ‘Baahubali’. While there Is a single ‘A’ in the former, the latter one contains double ‘A’.
Director of the film, SS Rajamouli and Dharma Productions is using the spelling with double ‘A’ in their tweets and Facebook posts. Have a look.

Well, whether it is an ignored goof-up or an intentional act, we really don’t know! But really looking forward to know the reason if it is intentional! 😉
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